Speed limit request approved in Morrin

Resident Dennis Schooderbeck attended Morrin council meeting on Sept. 20 requesting the village change the speed limit on his street to 20 km/hr. and put up “Children At Play’’ signs on both ends.
“People are flying up and down our street,” said Schooderbeck, “we have way more kids on that street now. Eighteen, I believe.”
“Airdrie has all their residential streets at 30 km/hr.” said Mayor Suzanne Lacher.
Council motioned to change the speed limit on the street to 30 km/hr. and to also post the ‘Children at Play” signs.
“Whatever, 20 or 30 is acceptable,” agreed Schooderbeck.
Fire Chief Darcy Davidson attended and was granted monies for structural fire boots ($400) and gloves ($100) for a member who has now completed his structural fire training and requirements.
“I’d like to do that [appear before council] every quarter at a minimum,” said Davidson.
“Correspondence works, it doesn’t work,” said Davidson adding, “face to face is better.”
He also requested council provide him an outline of information they would like to see in the year end report.
“Right now, I’m just winging it.”
Davidson informed council it was his phone dinging, when Deputy Mayor David interrupted asking, “Did I hear a phone?”
“I like to keep my phone pager close by,” stated Davidson.
Nothing more was said.
The repair to the eavestroughing on the fire hall has been completed to prevent ice from building up in front of the entrance.
“It’s nice to have that fixed, for sure,” said Davidson.

Accounts Payable
In reviewing the accounts payable, Mayor referred to a invoice stating, “This is for what, MPE Engineering?
CAO Annette Plachner replying “They charge so much per cent of the total project. They do it in bits and pieces.”
The project MPE is overseeing is the paving on First Ave. North.
Other payables approved was the school requisition which is due every four months and a new battery for the rescue truck.

Old business

Two letters were not dealt with under old business on the agenda. John Siemens and Howard Helton had asked to be allowed time to make a presentation to council regarding cell phones as well as a second letter requesting public documents.
In reviewing the two letters under old business, Mayor Lacher questioned if this was just for information and went on to say “not going to do nothing about it right now. The new council can deal with it.”
Siemens, who was present at the meeting asked, “May I speak to that [his letter to council].”
CAO Plachner replied, “No.”
Resident Dennis Schooderbeck immediately spoke up stating, “You wonder why there’s a problem?
“I’m just trying to help. If you guys open up and stop giving answers like that?” said Schooderbeck.
Deputy Mayor David McLeod responded, we’ve dealt with this four times which prompted Schooderbeck to say, “if you’ve said ‘no’ four times then just say ‘yes’.
Siemens has been denied signed copies of minutes, accounts payables, the 2017 budget, all documents that the public has a right to.
“I’m prepared to pay for them,” added Siemens.
The second letter and attached documents was Statutory Declarations (sworn in front of a judge) stating that Dr. Graham’s phone did ring during the council meeting in November and the letter went on to declare it to be favouritism
It also stated in the letter that if they [council] don’t accept the declaration, they had an obligation to call the RCMP and have Helton and Siemens charged with perjury, which is the consequence of lying on a statutory declaration.

Sewer invoice

Council agreed to pay their share of the bill from Samuel for $772.80 with the village half being $386.40 for fixing the sewer problems, some of which were on village property.
“They are still going to have to fix their part. . . but our’s is fixed,” said CAO Plachner.
It was completely detached right at the main, she added.

Funds request

The Morrin Ag Society requested assistance in repairing the header on the ice rink chiller system.
The society is looking at approximately a $50,000 fix and have so far raised only $16,000.
Residents present at the meeting informed council that the Seniors’ Society and the Lion’s Club had each donated $5,000.
CAO Plachner offered to find out the status of the grant that was being applied for, before making a decision as to what the village could donate.
Nothing was raised under council concerns and under council reports, McLeod had nothing to report while Mayor Placher reported on the last meeting she attended for the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation, noting that new furnaces were going into the complexes in Delia and Morrin and the fibre optic lines were now installed to the lodge in Drumheller but not yet hooked up to the building.
Lacher reported on the success of the FCSS Summer Program that ran in Delia Monday to Thursday that averaged 16 kids per day with three field trips, a library day, among other things.
There was positive feedback from both parents and children, said Lacher.
“Liam totally loved it,” said Dennis Schooderbeck, “he had a blast.”
Mayor Lacher also reported on Rural Crime Watch noting that they have been very busy but cannot report on incidents until they hear from the RCMP.
Resident observer at the meeting, Chris Hall was informed that Delia, Munson, Morrin and Starland have a joint disaster plan in place, when he questioned council, “Is there any kind of program should a tornado come our way.”
Council went in-camera for an item listed on the agenda as: RCMP, at 7:50 p.m. returning at 8 p.m. with no motion forthcoming other than for adjournment.

J. Webster
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