Special Guy Night hosted by KinderKids

Theresetta students 2016-17. ECA Review/Submitted

Josie Kneller, Alyssa Kuefler and Jules Fetaz received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Christ King Church on May 13. This is a big step in the student’s’ faith journey and they have spent lots of weekends preparing for this throughout the year. Congratulations!
The Jr, ATB Bank closed its doors for the school year on May 25.  Eight employees successfully helped 21 customers.  Tavi Pickles was the lucky winner of the $25 gift card this month.
The Kindergarten class hosted Special Guy Night at the school on Sun. May 28.  All the Kinderkids brought their dads as guests.  The group had fun with some relay races in the gym, a yummy pizza party and they finished the night by building birdhouses together.
Theresetta Elementary students walked over to Gus Wetter to participate in our annual Track and Field Meet along with Brownfield School on May 30.
The students tried hard in all their events and were only less than one point away from earning the overall school trophy!
There were 12 students who took home trophies in their events including: Micah Lefebvre (gr. 1) in ball throw; Simone Fetaz (gr. 2) in running long jump; Daphne Fuller (gr. 2) in the dash; Jack Holloway (gr. 2) in standing broad jump; Owen Beaumont (gr. 2) in high jump; Drew Bagshaw (gr. 4) in running long jump; Lachlan Hanton (gr. 4) in distance throw; Kolby Renschler (gr. 4) in high jump, standing broad jump, the dash, and target throw; Kiali Blumhagen (gr. 5) in high jump, the dash, running long jump, and standing broad jump; Thayer Bunbury (gr. 5) in distance throw, the dash, and running long jump; Brayden Rowland (gr. 5) in standing broad jump; and Curtis Penner (gr. 6) in target throw and high jump.
On May 31, 19 of our school’s grade 4 – 9 students headed off to Wainwright for the East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Track and Field Meet.
It was a very successful day for Theresetta considering the 25+ weather.
Among these 19 students, we came home with five gold medals awarded to: Kolby Renschler (gr. 4) in the 50m dash and long jump, Drew Bagshaw (gr. 4) in the 100m dash, Kiali Blumhagen (gr. 5) in the 50m dash, and Tanner Bullee-Gordon (gr. 7) in discus.
Our school also earned seven silver medals, awarded to: Kolby Renschler in standing broad jump and high jump, Kiali Blumhagen in 100m dash, Taylor Rowland (gr. 7) in the 400m dash, Tanner Bullee-Gordon in the 50m dash, and Jules Fetaz (gr. 7) in both long jump and high jump.
Eleven bronze medals were awarded to: Kolby Renschler in the 100m dash, Drew Bagshaw in the 50m dash, Lachlan Hanton (gr.4) in standing broad jump, Parker Slemp (gr. 6) in both long jump and the 50m dash, Ashley Renschler (gr. 7) in the 400m dash, Alyssa Kuefler (gr. 7) in shot put and triple jump, Kennedy Bagshaw (gr. 7) in high jump, Abbigale Fuller (gr. 7) in the 50m dash, and Landon Slemp (gr. 7) in shot put.
The Junior High students will continue practicing hard this week to prepare for their events as they will be participating in the CARA Track and Field Meet on June 12 in Stettler.
June is only going to get busier with upcoming events such as: field trips, end of the year mass, the CTS Drama class’s presentation of their play Little Red Riding and the Hoods, provincial achievement tests, and the Grade 9 farewell ceremony on the last day of school.
by K. Smawley

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