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Dear Editor,

Special Areas has been the successful form of municipal administration for our area for over 75 years.

The affairs of the Special Areas are managed by democratically elected councillors and democratically elected board members.

We have a positive liaison connection to the Minister of Municipal Affairs with our Special Areas Board chairman being; first selected by our Advisory Council and then appointed by an Order in Council.

We have always had a board chairman who worked in a positive manner for our area and always with the advisory councillors and board.

The Special Areas is a drought-prone area and anyone who has lived here and balanced out a living and put a farm or ranch together knows that fact.

Yes, today we farm differently, however, we still need rain and topsoil; the requirements to grow grass, beef and grain, in balance.

Yes, we can possibly have irrigation on some relatively small amount of tested suitable land.

The Special Areas does not need negative interference in our internal affairs from outside our area.

We do have property rights on title lands the same as do all Albertans.

The Special Areas is “not broken and does not need fixing” however, any changes or ideas for betterment should be made through our elected advisory council as we move to our future.

This is an election, and what this whole riding needs is an MLA who will work constructively with the Special Areas Municipal Administration and the Counties administration to make Drumheller-Stettler riding a better place to live.


W. Douglas Fawcett

Consort, Ab.

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