Special Areas Board changes membership

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Membership on the four-member appointed Board has changed effective May 1, with a new face joining the group from the locally elected Advisory Council as the representative for the Special Area (SA) No. 2 region.

Board members serve four-year terms, with terms overlapping to support continuity in the governance body.

With his appointment expiring the end of April, Brent Horner has left the board.

“Brent’s well-informed perspective on just about any issue or challenge that came to the board table was one of many things I appreciated about him,” said Jordon Christianson, chair.

Brent’s public service has spanned over 25 years, from his role as a locally elected Advisory Councillor since 1995 to his service on the Special Areas Board as the SA2 representative since 2011.

“I sure learned a lot from my experiences on the Board and Advisory Council,” began Brent Horner.

“I always wanted to build from within rather than tear down from afar, and to work with what we had while pushing boundaries wherever possible. 

The Special Areas was created out of incredible hardship, but our success since cannot be ignored. 

We are a crown land manager and rural municipality like no other, and I feel incredibly fortunate for this opportunity to serve on the Board and Advisory Council.

“The work done over the last 25 years to improve security of tenure for leaseholders through tax recovery sales is something I am particularly proud to have been a part of.”

With Brent’s departure, Brad Slorstad (Advisory Councillor for SA2-SD3), has joined the Board.

Slorstad brings a broad perspective gained from his role as Chairman of the Advisory Council, along with his experience representing the region on boards and committees throughout the province.

The Advisory Council is planning to meet this summer and the Board meets twice a month.



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