Sovereignty is crucial

Dear Editor,

The Federal Government led by “acting prime minister” Singh and supported by “co-“Prime Minister Trudeau recently unveiled Canada’s emissions targets for 2030. 

In my opinion, neither of them are capable of running anything, but they have ideologues, Environment Minister Guilbeault and Natural Resources Minister Wilkinson who are fully capable of ruining Canada’s and particularly Alberta’s economy by 2030 even if there is no hope of meeting the targets. 

All four hate the oil and gas industry and do not care if shutting it down does not help lower the world’s emissions, in fact will raise them. It will do this by shutting down the most ethical and environmentally responsible oil and gas sector on the planet.

This means that nations that need oil and gas–and they will–will purchase them from places like Russia, Venezuela and the Middle East, places that invade other countries, starve their own people and sponsor terrorists. 

Both the USA and Canada have governments that appear determined to destroy their countries by inflation, illegal immigration (USA) and the Green New Deal. 

Both export coal to China which uses it and their own to produce products including solar panels which are exported to Canada and the USA where solar farms are built with the intention of eliminating oil and gas production. 

The result – China gets richer and we get poorer because  the unreliability of wind and solar means we need a backup system of generation which means that combined with the carbon tax and living in a vast cold country, we are pricing ourselves out of the market. 

Our leaders and many of their followers believe we can subsidize or grant ourselves out of reality. 

Currently in Canada you can get a $4,000 grant to buy an electric car, the USA is proposing a $12,500 tax credit. This for a vehicle that pays no road tax. 

I don’t believe that solar and wind farms pay royalties, as do oil and gas. Solar and wind do not have byproducts like oil and gas which are used in almost everything including the manufacturing of electric vehicles. 

Those who believe that our present society can exist without all the products that are made with oil, gas and animal byproducts need to educate themselves. They also need to realize that it will cost billions to build the generation capacity and the electrical grid to support electric vehicles.

The day may come when electric vehicles make sense in Canada on a large scale but it is not now and will not be in 2030. 

We, in Canada should be producing and selling as much oil and gas products as possible. We would be reducing others dependence on Russian petroleum and lowering emissions  worldwide, as well as reducing our debt.  This means building and completing all the pipelines cancelled and building more, Churchill being one of them.

None of this will happen for years because of the Liberal-NDP alliance, thus an immediate move towards Alberta independence or sovereignty like Quebec is crucial. Alberta producing more petroleum products would lead to a cleaner and safer planet.


Gord Snell

AKA Mr. Separatist 

Three Hills, Alta.

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