‘Some ‘hurt’ now, or a whole lot later’

Dear Editor,

It’s obvious some people are distraught not being able to live in the NDP fantasy world of Rachael Notley.

Just keep hiring public servants, increase compensation for teachers and nurses as well as any who would vote NDP to keep the gravy train running.

Forget the fact that the more you borrow, the more interest you pay and eventually you cannot borrow any more because your credit is worthless because you refused to face reality.

What a legacy to leave our grandchildren.

Fortunately, the majority of Albertans, with the exception of Edmonton realized that following the NDP and previous PC governments paths of fiscal lunacy were unfair to those who follow.

Every dollar spent on interest means a dollar less on programs.

Low interest rates have allowed governments to keep borrowing.

When rates rise, as they will, programs will be cut to service the debt.

Premier Kenny and the UCP realize this and are taking steps to slow down the runaway train of debt.

It is either some hurt now or a whole lot of pain later.

Premier Kenny’s greatest obstacle is not the public sector unions but the Prime Minister and the Federal Liberals.

Every action they take, regulations and delays, or not take, tearing down blockades, serves to drive investment away from Alberta.

This means unless things change quickly, Alberta will be an economic basket case in a country that is already an economic basket case with a leader whose only goal is to do the wishes of the United Nations.

I expect he will delay the Teck Mine by more regulations which will kill the project and by Order in Council, ban and restrict many legal firearms.

This will be to divert attention from his lack of action on the illegal activities of the blockaders and protesters.

Typical Liberal strategy– attack the law abiding and entrepreneurs and give a pass to the lawbreakers.

I wish Premier Kenny was leading a charge to free Alberta from the dysfunctional country of Canada but he isn’t.

People are free to wallow in their self pity rather than face the real world, but sometimes reality sucks.


Gord Snell,

Three Hills, Alta.

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