Society presents interesting future

Dear Editor,
Badlands Historic Society Salute to Agriculture presents an interesting future.

Plans to move forward were the focus of a Clam Chowder Night at Drumheller Jurassic Inn on Oct. 12. Reeves of adjacent counties and the Special Areas met with museum staff and considered the benefits of an annual regional 4-H rally point as one answer to some coming issues.

One is the need to have new membership as older members retire. A second benefit would be the exposure to and publicity spread, as the visitors returned to their homes.

The Ag-Salute program would invite and challenge our young visitors to write and submit stories to the museum of their home areas through writing, photos, videos, art and crafts.

This would broaden our offerings to all Albertans. They would also be encouraged to use required 4-H public speaking skills to their families and regional audiences.

The natural attractions in each of Kneehill, Wheatland, Starland and Special Areas are not only unique but of high trust value.

Large economic enterprise offer huge ag-interest such as the giant greenhouse project of the Sunterra group, grain handling and shipping pints, ranching projects and the vast grasslands all have huge interest for keen young agricultural leaders of the near future.

The 4-H Rally program would be a winner for the Salute to Agriculture Museum but also to tourism, economic opportunities and general interest.
The museum itself is faced with the inherited problem of an expensive roof repair. This has delayed the opening of the building. Until it can be open and functioning there is a credibility problem. Larger donors such as fertilizer firms, Ag-Insurance companies and banks will be probable donors only to an operating concern.

Likewise, grant programs are largely based on operating businesses and non-profit groups. With these problems facing museum members, an appeal for $5000 from each of the adjacent counties and the Town of Drumheller was made.

Encouraging remarks were heard from the invited reeves. Their councils will have to give the final approval. All agreed that there is great value in a continued liaison between Drumheller, the bordering counties and the Special Areas.

We share many common interests.

Stan Solberg
Drumheller, Alta.

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