Soapbox Derby held in Delburne

A pair of Junior High soapbox derby riders were neck and neck during their race at the Delburne Soapbox Derby on Fri. May 31. ECA Review/R.Reckseidler

The Delburne Centralized School held their annual Soapbox Derby on Fri. May 31 with this year’s winner being Brynn Ferguson and Aurora Rogers with their “Darkside” entry.

The participants are limited to students in Junior High only.

Each Soapbox must be designed and built by the students themselves according to certain specifications for body materials and steering capabilities.

It was amazing to see the creativity and colour patterns of the race cars entered in the competition.

The racetrack itself was set up on one of Delburne’s residential streets that has a moderate downward incline to allow for continued movement to the finish line approximately 100 metres in distance.

Both sides of the racetrack were lined with square straw bales to keep the race cars on track.

The starting line was a man-made structure built with a very steep ramp and controlled by two pins, with a lever that released both pins at the same time to ensure a fair start.

Over the years, the event has created wide interest by those who are participating, like parents, fellow students and local residents.

The enthusiasm and noise from the spectators and public address system kept the crowd cheering for their favourites.

The Soapbox Derby is limited to Delburne Junior High students but it is hoped in future competitions the event will be extended to other schools.


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