Snow removal priorities confirmed

Council reviewed the current village snow removal policy during their regular council meeting on Mon. Nov. 26.

They were asked to add what should be considered high priority areas or roadways public works should focus on first.

The policy establishes a consistent, cost-effective standard of practice for clearing roads of snow and ice for safe travel within the village.

The Statement explains that the village is expected to clear designated roads as quickly as possible after a large snowfall or because of snow that has drifted in that may cause traffic issues.

The Fire Hall and Maintenance Shop along with Mainstreet, 51st Avenue, 47th Avenue and Railway Avenue remain first priority.

The local outdoor rink, back alleys, residential roads including school access is ranked as a second priority.

Although the rink is a secondary priority, administration felt their time could be better spent by having the public volunteer to remove snow if they desire.

If it remains a priority, the village will have to pay men overtime during the weekends to remove the snow even if not as many children are using it.

Currently, the rink is typically done on the third day after a significant storm.

There was talk amongst council to contract work out to avoid overtime wages but when they looked at the math, it was far too expensive.

Instead, residents will have permission to shovel or snow blow the area themselves.

Another item was the walking trails which are regularly used by children travelling to school.

This will no longer be an issue as public works now have their new tractor with special attachments to whisk away snow from pathways.

The sidewalks were added as a second priority.

Clive Public Library Budget approved

Council approved the Clive Public Library 2019 Operating Budget.

Although the library does run on a $30,000 deficit each year, this year will be different as $27,000 in surplus will foot the bill.

“I like the workshops that are going fast,” said Coun. Susan Russell.

The projected capital expenditures include exciting new renovations to the building like an awning, snow removal, heat tape, furniture and equipment for approximately $27,000.

Council moved the 2019 budget as presented.


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