Smoke free bylaw passes first reading

Delia Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mark Nikota presented council the Draft Smoke-Free Bylaw at the Oct. 11 council meeting for review.

The bylaw to regulate all smoking and vaping in public and workplaces in the Village of Delia, Bylaw 634-2018 is also council’s first attempt at formally addressing the consumption of cannabis within the village.

Considerable debate occurred over the proposal to treat the consumption of cannabis the same as tobacco within the village and the definition of “Public place or premises”.

The panel voted to amend the public place or premises definition to mean any indoor place within the village to which the public may have either expressed or implied access

Council then moved to prohibit the smoking or vaping of tobacco within five metre of any public place or premises, workplace, or vehicle on public property.

Council then moved to amend the draft bylaw to prohibit the smoking or vaping of cannabis in any indoor or outdoor public place within the village.

After a motion to remove the “special events” section from the draft bylaw was defeated, council decided that permits could be granted to smoke or vape tobacco and cannabis outdoors at special events pursuant to existing Federal and Provincial laws.

The amended bylaw passed first reading and will be made available to the public.

A public hearing will be held to gather input and give residents the opportunity to have their say before second and third readings are given.

Franchise Fees remain level

Annual franchise agreements with both ATCO Electric and AltaGas were reviewed.

Each year the village has the option to change the franchise fee percentages with charges ranging from zero to 20 per cent for electricity and zero to 35 per cent for natural gas.

Providers pass the charges on to electricity and gas customers.

Delia’s current fee agreement with ATCO sits at five per cent, representing approximately $13,528 in revenue to the village for the 2019 billing year according to ATCO estimates.

At 12 per cent, the current AltaGas agreement represents approximately $14,622 in village revenue for the same billing period as per company estimates.

According to CAO Nikota, the average franchise fee being charged for electricity in the area is 5.2 per cent, while the average for natural gas sits at 18 per cent.

Motions to maintain both franchise free rates at the current levels passed unanimously.

Streetlight project

Council voted in favour of moving ahead with a proposal from ATCO Electric to install new streetlights within the village.

Three new LED streetlights on new poles will be installed to address three particularly dark locations around the village.

The projected cost of the project is $8,690.18.

Subtracting ATCO’s $7,578 investment, the installation of the new streetlights will cost Delia $1,112.18 plus tax, coming under the $2,000 set aside for the project in the 2018 budget.

The monthly cost of the new lights will be approximately $62.50 per light, amounting to a yearly cost of $2,250 for the village.

The streetlights are owned and maintained by ATCO Electric who is also responsible for the full cost of end of life replacement.


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