Smiley face window challenge goes worldwide

David Starcevic of Hanna takes a selfie of a window sticker on his truck saying “We got this” underneath a large smiley face. Roughly 60 homes in Hanna have already joined the movement as well as people in other countries like Britain and Switzerland. Photo courtesy of David Starcevic

What started out as an idea for the community to come together while facing the COVID-19 virus has quickly grown into something larger.

David Starcevic, the face behind the ‘Show Me Your Smiley Face’ window challenge is ecstatic with the results his idea has brought.

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching he thought that putting up something simple and positive would be a great activity for children to take part in while they are stuck at home since their school is closed.

“I heard someone talk about how they used to put leprechauns in their windows and they would drive around and see if the kids can catch them, and stuff like that. I just started thinking ‘What could I do?’ or what could we put up in the window for this and started to think we need more smiles because everything is so negative right now,” said Starcevic.

The idea is that once the smiles are up on display, parents can take their kids for a drive around town to see everyone else’s creations.

“The more it catches on the more smiley faces you’ll see which keeps your mind off everything else even if it’s just for a brief moment or a day or two. It just gives you a reason to smile,” said Starcevic.

The Hanna Lodge has embraced the smile challenge by adding their own smiles to windows at the lodge. Photo courtesy of David Starcevic

After only a few days online as a Facebook group, it has accumulated almost 1,400 members as of Mon. March 23.

Starcevic initially wanted the group to be centred around being local to the Hanna area but it has now gone beyond the small town with the smiley faces reaching as far as Britain, Switzerland and Florida, USA.
The challenge has no age limit as seniors at the Hanna Lodge were more than willing to join by creating their own smiles while under restrictions to not allow family inside.

Some people have even gone as far as visiting their family members and putting smiley faces on the windows facing inward for their loved one.

“It’s definitely making an impact.”

Starcevic encouraged people to continue putting up smiles wherever they can to brighten up someone’s day.


Terri Huxley

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