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Dear Editor,
In your July 6 2023 issue, a report from Hanna Council was included.

I would like to offer a slightly different view of the June 21 PACE presentation in Hanna.

Many pilots attended the presentation. The article reads that council would like to meet with local pilots at a different date to discuss their thoughts around the results of the glint and glare studies.

I hope this will be open to all residents as it may directly affect STARS or fixed-wing medical transport services in our community.

In reality, I just can not comprehend the considerations that either wind or solar energy be placed anywhere near an airport regardless of nearby substations. There are many, many substations that could alternatively be accessed outside of town limits.

One of the councillors in attendance commented on the low community turnout. The room booked was near capacity, with many left standing.

The presenter acknowledged at the beginning that he was pleased with the growing community interest in this project.

CAO Kim Neill commented on an email from Claude Mindorff (presenter) where Mr. Mindorff stated he considered the audience to have been close-minded.

I would like to note that questions and differences of opinion do NOT imply close-mindedness.

Since this bit of an email was shared I would ask that the entire email be shared.

A second councillor asked some very relevant questions and I hope they will be addressed in future meetings.

Some members of the community have expressed interest into a plebiscite regarding the solar project. Achieving a plebiscite is still very much our right and our goal!

Neill recommended bringing Mindorff back to council. I hope agenda items for future council meetings will be provided at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting so all residents have an opportunity to know what will be brought forward.

Thank You.
Elaine Monica Wasdal
Hanna, Alta.



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