Sixth graders grill council

Coronation school teacher Dan Kinakin brought several of his sixth grade students to the Coronation town council meeting on Mon., Apr. 25 to question council on various topics as part of their social studies curriculum.

Some of the questions council fielded included being asked to increase the temperature of the pool. To which, Kulyk explained the lower temperature was required in order to strike an optimal balance between chlorine and bacteria levels.  With an increase in the pool water’s temperature there comes an increase in the amount of bacteria present, therefore a higher level of chlorine needed.  If those chlorine levels are not up to provincial code the pool risks being shut down.  Therefore the lower pool water temperature helps ensure the pool remains open throughout the entire summer season.

Another student asked for more street lights in town, to which council replied,  “they would have to look into”.  Murmurs were heard among council members that some streets were quite dark and perhaps some upgrades were required for their bulbs.

In response to the question, “what is council doing to attract business and economy to town”, Counc.    Shelley Cook replied that pamphlets were being stocked at tourist booths in addition to getting together with other communities to promote each other.

Counc. Vickey Horkoff added that the Paintearth Economic Partnership Society (PEPS) was working to promote economy in the county.

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