Sitting on the fence

It is now quite obvious that the three governments involved with the Trans Mountain Pipeline project are more interested in their political wellbeing than they are with actually getting pipeline construction under way.
BC Premier John Horgan is digging his heels in as firm as ever. He stays in power at the pleasure of the Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. Weaver has the balance of power with three seats, so when he tells Horgan to jump Horgan asks how high.
Likewise, Rachel Notley’s only hope of winning another election is to get the pipeline built, however she is being a hypocrite as she opposed all pipelines including this one before she became the Premier.
The politician who is really twisting himself into a pretzel is the Prime Minister.
After the NEB approved the project, his Government gave it their approval.
When Trudeau’s government approved the pipeline, the BC Liberals were in power, and they were in favour of the pipeline, however that changed when the Liberals lost the election by one seat.
As soon as Horgan became premier with the support of the Green Party, he withdrew BC’s support for the pipeline.
Now it appears that Trudeau has a real political problem.
He now fears that if he forces BC and Premier Horgan to accept the pipeline he will lose voter support for his BC MPs in the next election, so this leaves him sitting on the fence to the point that he may get slivers in his posterior.
Trudeau was on a world trip to Peru, France and England. He made a special trip back to Canada after his Peru trip to meet with Premiers Notley and Horgan in an effort to get agreement on proceeding with construction of the pipeline.
Horgan has remained steadfast in his opposition.
In order to prevent Kinder Morgan from abandoning the project, Notley and Trudeau have come up with an innovative idea to remove Kinder Morgan’s risk.
The Alberta and Federal governments are going to assume the additional costs with taxpayer money.
Don’t you agree that it is really generous of them to kick the can down the road with our money?
Both Notley and Trudeau have options to apply sanctions on BC that could force him to change his position, but for political reasons, they won’t do that.
Alberta is passing legislation that would give it the right to restrict oil and gas to BC if push comes to shove.
Trudeau could refuse to release four billion dollars of infrastructure money promised to BC but won’t for fear of losing liberal seats.
He did not hesitate to withdraw 60 million dollars from Saskatchewan when they refused to implement his carbon tax as he only has one seat there.
All three of these leaders have placed a much higher priority on their political hides than they have on getting the pipeline built.
Real leaders would place the economic wellbeing of Canada as the most important priority.
There are aboriginal leaders with no skin in the game protesting against the pipeline, and this seems to concern the government.
I ran across some interesting information from the Fraser Institute that again demonstrates the hypocrisy of the government.
There are 51 First Nations along the pipeline that have signed mutual benefit agreements with Kinder Morgan worth over 400 million dollars that will go by the wayside if the pipeline is cancelled.
These agreements are for jobs, training, education, skills enhancement, community services and infrastructure.
Those people are not demonstrating, so the government has found it convenient to ignore them. If Trudeau is so concerned about the indigenous community why is he not using this information to plead his case?
Talk about a crisis in leadership! Canada has it in spades.

by Herman Schwenk

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