‘Silk purse project’

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Dear Editor,

No one is more aware of the disarray in my driveway, yard, etc. than I am.

It’s not, nor has it ever been my intent to upset anyone. I try to love and let live.

The lumber and stuff in the

driveway are a variety of craft supplies and such, and are all necessary for the completion of ongoing renovations and other creative projects.

Unfortunately with all the leaves gone from the trees and bushes, things don’t look the way I would like it either.

Green and fully-leafed would shield me from, apparently, sinister prying eyes.

I’ve been slowly working on this little place and it’s restoration and renovations for years now. Slower, of course, because of C.O.P.D. And my fixed income doesn’t allow me to hire much help.

Some may have heard me say, “Well, the good Lord willing… it’s all just a “lotto-win-away”, referring to the funds needed to complete the project that I dubbed my “silk purse project”.

So named illustrating the power of God (and goodness) to transform a pig’s ear into a silk purse.

I’ll admit some of my projects are not the run of the mill, cookie cutter type. But my front yard bench, board walk, back yard pond, bridge, gazebo and free bench see to have caught on with a few others.

In conclusion, to the good people of Delia, thank you and bear with me awhile more.

Thank you to the concerned person of Drumheller who made the effort to bring my dilemma to the attention of so many, thank you. You have provided the opportunity to make known my situation.

I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased as everyone if my request for support is successful and I’m able to expedite the completion of my ‘silk purse project’.

I don’t mind humbly making an appeal to good people out there for any donations they could make to my cause, P.O. Box 381, Delia, Alta. T0J 0W0.

A real good shout out and thank you to Delia Coun. Jordan Elliott, her husband, Carson and baby Jackson, Keith Hansen, Dale Nelson and Mark Nikota for taking the building material from my driveway into the back yard and covering it with a tarp. Bless their hearts!

“Elden” Hoover

Delia, Alta.

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