Sick at Heart

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Dear Editor,

Here we go again, the Canadian media parroting all the left wing media of the United States.

From the terrible Antifa organization to the Democratic so called freshmen, we are treated to not only hateful words but very vulgar potty language.

Add to that the violent attacks by an organization that claims to be anti-fascist makes some of us sick at heart.

What most individuals like these love to do is call everyone else by the very names that describe them. It shows they suffer from the lack of knowledge as to what these words even mean.

What is it that disturbs most of society?

Not the colour of one’s skin, not their gender and not their religion, or their race. It is their policies and their character!

Their policies because they are dangerous and insulting, their character because they don’t have one.

Donald Trump is not running our country so why do Canadians think they have to hate him? What difference does it make to you what he says or does?

We have our own problems in Canada and Alberta, so why, oh why, do we have to listen to our press trash the President of the United States on a regular basis?

Investigative journalism is dead in most quarters of this country and when CBC has a budget of millions of dollars and then mimics CNN they should be docked a few month’s salaries!

Put on your gumboots reporters and find your own press items! Your rhetoric has become tiresome.

Apologies to the Review.


Faye Pearson

Stettler, Alta.

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