“Shutting out the lights” fad

Graduation has come and gone again in most central Alberta towns.

The Coronation Graduating class held their exercises in the Curling Rink on Sat. May 25.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Graduating Exercises and even longer since attending exercises in the curling rink.

I was impressed walking into the Curling rink Saturday evening.

The setup, made possible by many volunteers, students, parents and town staff, was impressive and the bright new LED lighting certainly made a huge difference.

Albeit, the temperature was a little cool, but I’ll take cool any day over the packed gymnasium where a person felt like they were in an oven and well done before the two to three hour ceremony was over.

The most complaints heard this year was the graduates entering in the dark and they and their parents exiting in the dark.

This “shutting out the lights” fad has to end.

At least at the big performances such as the Canadian Finals Rodeo, when they shut out the lights, they have three or four spotlights following the person entering the ring.

Here, there were no spotlights, only dark.

Very disappointing for those who wanted to see the beautiful dresses, tuxedos, the faces of those graduating and the parents.

Even the spotlights on the stage created dark shadows on the faces of the grads so please turn up the lights!

Kudos to those who worked on making sure the sound was clear. I was given to understand that last year that was not the case.

Congratulations to all the graduates in east central Alberta as each of you embark on a ‘new beginning’.


J. Webster

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