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Do you think that libraries are an important part of the community? Why is that? Social Media has been abuzz with people speaking up about how their library has helped them in their community.

Are you aware of what your local library does for people? On a daily basis, local libraries provide a safe community space for all residents. It is the place where the unemployed come to job search and create resumes. There are programs for children, seniors, ladies and men. Many libraries are also local art galleries and multimedia centres with free computer use and WiFi.

Much like local newspapers, they are hubs for information on community events, opportunities and news.

With a library card you have access to unlimited amounts of literature, information, movies, media and more. Our local system puts you in touch with online perks like current editions of online magazines, newspapers, movies, shows, documentaries, e-books, audiobooks, language programs and more.

Libraries are dedicated to enriching, empowering and educating their community. Many have said that the value of a library is infinite and impossible to capture. I would like to put a monetary value on the services – $10 per year. That’s it. Here in Coronation a library card costs $10/year for adults and is free for children. The best possible way to support your local library is to go in and become a member.

Perhaps you don’t read a lot or don’t have time to use the services, but I’d like to encourage you to become a cardholder as a show of appreciation for what the library offers to the community.

The number of cardholders is very important to local libraries – while it does not fully capture the number of users, it does represent the number of supporters in the community. This month is library card sign-up month, come get a card for yourself, your family, or your friends and help show your support for your local library.

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