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Dear Editor,

Divine Right: The belief/theory that a monarch [king, queen, emperor] has the right [the power] to rule with the approval from God and not from the people.

We seem to have a premier who believes she has the “divine right” to rule Alberta without input from the people.

For example, she is going to spend “mucho dinero” (much taxpayers’ money) on convincing us that we need to have our own Alberta Pension Fund to replace CPP when, in fact, most Albertans have already told her they don’t want to lose their CPP. But, is she listening to the people, or is she listening to God?

Hmmm? The same way she listened when municipalities and citizens opposed her plans for a provincial police force to replace the RCMP?

The same way she has supported private health care despite objections from the public?

The same way her government has supported mining operations on the eastern slope of the Canadian Rockies despite objections from ranchers, farmers, tour guides, outfitters and environmentalists ?

The same way she and her gov’t has supported private schools and charter schools over the public school system?

The same way she and her party are supporting partisan politics in local elections?

“There are people running governments who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches” (quote from Mark Twain).

“The short memories of the voters is what keeps our politicians in office” (quote from Will Rogers).

George Thatcher
Olds, Alta.

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