Should terrify any thinking person

Dear Editor,

In reply to the statement that “no civilian needs a handgun or a military weapon,” tell that to the Ukrainians who are begging for them as well as anti tank and anti aircraft missiles and receiving them even from our anti gun Canadian government.

Tell that to the Jews in Nazi Germany who registered their guns, only to have them confiscated before they were eventually loaded into cattle cars and shipped to the gas chambers.

Tell that to the Brits who when faced with invasion begged for small arms from Americans and Canadians and when the war ended gathered them and dumped them in the ocean, learning nothing.

History warns any who pay attention that a government or ruling class , like a monarchy or aristocracy that does not trust the common people with arms is itself not to be trusted.

That is why the founding fathers of the USA enshrined the right to bear arms in the constitution; it wasn’t about hunting, it was to give the people the means to protect themselves against the tyranny of the government.

They, having studied history and experienced it themselves from the British knew what could happen.

Some think that in Canada this will never happen, they are wrong. During WWII 22,000 Japanese Canadians registered their firearms with the government as a sign of goodwill. They were then confiscated, their fishing boats and property seized and then they were interred in camps.

Recently Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act which gave the government power which should terrify any thinking person. He has banned over 1,500 models of long guns and proposes the virtual ban of all handguns, except of course the handguns and military style rifles used by those who protect him and his minions.

Gord Snell
Three Hills, Alta.

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