Shortcomings of government plan costing homeowners

Dear Editor,
In regard to your government support for non-sustainable green energy project, I need you to address the following concern.
The wind driven turbine fans in east central Alberta have been the recent cause of power surges and fluctuations, that cause the electronic circuit boards of many home heating furnaces to fail.
A recent occurrence at my home will cost me in excess of $1000 in a replacement and surge protection device and installation.
The furnace technician confirmed the wind generator devices are the cause of these surges and he has replaced numerous furnace circuit boards in recent months.
It has been long identified by your government the requirement to subsidize these non-sustainable projects from our tax-based dollars, while local coal generator plant has been phased out.
These plants were always sustainable and employed many of our local area residents with good paying jobs.
These coal plants were never even given the opportunity to become more environmentally acceptable with new carbon-scrubbing available technology.
Could you and your government now accept the responsibility of repairs to our homes for these shortcomings.
I ask that you immediately propose a system of ensuring Alberta residents to get full compensation for these unnecessary repairs, and I ask you to reconsider sustainable coal power with new carbon-scrubbing technology.
I should mention that I’m a senior citizen and cannot afford the expenses of these unproven technologies for these personal repair costs and increased taxes that affect my financial well-being.
Please feel free to enclose a cheque to the below listed address to compensate me for my losses.
If you do not respond to this request, further actions will take place to disclose these shortcomings of government.
Leo Bozak
Castor, Ab.

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