Short curling season wrapped up

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It has been a busy few weeks at Theresetta between basketball and curling.

The Knights have been doing a great job balancing both sports and their busy lives.

The Slemp team, from the left, Curtis Penner, Ashley Renschler, Parker Slemp and Sydney Renschler, after their quarter-final game at CARA Curling in Stettler on Thurs. Feb. 14, 2019.

The Heidecker team, from the left, Kolby Renschler, Cara Penner, Kyla Beaumont and Jillian Heidecker after their quarter-final game at CARA Curling in Stettler on Feb. 14, 2019.

Curling challenges

The Theresetta curling team made up of 12 students and three curling teams, have had a super bust season as their entire competitive season happened within the first 14 days of the month.

First up was the 1st Annual Pam Dunkle Memorial Junior Bonspiel on Feb. 2 – 3 at the Castor Curling Club.

All three teams participated on the Sunday half of the bonspiel in the Grade 7 – 9 competition.

Students were really happy with how they did against the competition that came from surrounding towns.

Theresetta had one team win all three of their games, one team win two games, and one team won one of their three games.

All the teams had so much fun getting their first experience at a bonspiel and were so pleased with their results as two-thirds of them are new to the sport this year so it have been a steep learning curve.

Next up, six of the 12 curling team members travelled to Stettler on Feb. 9.

The six-person team had the added challenge of switching teammates in all three games throughout the game, but they played really well.

Officially they only won one game, but they were so close to winning the others, in one case losing in the very last end on the last stone.

To wrap up the rather short season, all three teams and 12 players attended the CARA Curling Bonspiel on Thurs. Feb. 14 in Stettler.

Twenty teams from the central Alberta area participated in CARA Curling this year, and out of 20 teams, Theresetta was blown away to have two of their three teams finish in the top eight in the region.

Parker Slemp, Ashley Renschler, Curtis Penner and Sydney Renschler’s team finished tied for second in their 10-team pool after three round-robin games which saw them winning two matches and tieing the third.

After losing a tiebreaker, the Slemp team lost their quarterfinal match.

The Heidecker rink of Jillian Heidecker, Cara Penner, Kyla Beaumont and Kolby Renschler, a full Grade 6 team, did a great job in the round robin, winning two of their three games which had them needing to also participate in the tiebreaker.

After winning the tiebreaker, they ended up in fourth place in their pool and played against the first ranked team in the opposite pool, a team of mostly Grade 9 students.

They did well under the pressure and tried their best against the older, more experienced team and lost.

Basketball action

In basketball action, the teams travelled to Alix on Wed. Feb. 13. The girls posted a strong effort and defeated the Alix squad while the boys fought hard but lost their game.

On Sat. Feb. 9, the boy’s basketball team travelled to Erskine for a tournament. The boys won both of their round robin games, against Big Valley, and the host team from Erskine.

They were matched up with Coronation in the gold medal final and after a close game with lots of great effort by both sides, the

Theresetta boys were able to come home with the golden hardware after winning 34 – 31.

The girl’s basketball team also hit the road on Feb. 9, going to Consort for their junior high tournament.

The Knights played Consort and Chauvin in round-robin before taking home the gold in the final game against Consort.

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