Shopping local the name of the game

The Coronation and District Chamber of Commerce has launched their Shop Local program throughout Coronation Chamber members to encourage community members to support local business.

The program encourages a Coronation focus to commerce by allowing patrons to deposit their receipts for $50 or more for a chance to win a monthly draw of $50 Coronation Cash when shopping at businesses that belong to the Coronation and District Chamber of Commerce. The new initiative, developed and adopted from the Hanna Chamber of Commerce practice, is similar to the Christmas promotion which gives out $500 Coronation cash.

For Jodi Shipton, president of the Coronation Chamber of Commerce, shop local is about much more than simply spending at local establishments.

“Shopping local is important because you are investing in your community,” she said. “Our businesses are owned and operated by people who live in and around Coronation and they are less likely to leave if they are well supported and as a result give back to the community.”

Promotion kicks off February 3, with the first draw being made March 1.

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  • I like to keep my receipts…lots people would…then what…
    Most businesses would rather not print duplicated recipts.. it would get costly..
    just wondering.. Please do explain the rules maybe in your next week edition..


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