Sewer line assessment pushed 

Written by Terri Huxley

The Town of Coronation, back in August of 2021, reached out to a few companies for a quote on assessment of all sewer lines within Coronation.

The sewer line assessment is to identify critical areas in need of replacement and help update the municipal Master Infrastructure Plan.

The assessment requires engineered information on the integrity of the current sewer line system to ensure structurally that any lines in need of replacement are brought to their attention.

The other factor is to understand the types of lines and materials currently in use underground. And more importantly, if all the lines are operating in their proper and total capacity.

The second is that all documents would need to be done with GIS and shape files.

These files must be submitted with the assessment report if awarded the project.

Lastly, a recommendation or action plan is needed to begin sewer line replacements.

This project commences in 2022 depending on the quoted amount, all quotes will need to be approved by the Council by way of motion.

Council, on Aug. 9, suggested that administration open the tender for the sewer line assessment to add the project to the 2022 project list if requested by the incoming council members were in agreement.

Council accepted this as information and asked to have it returned to a future meeting.

Rural Bylaw contract

After the delegation provided by Rural Bylaw on Nov. 8, 2021, council deliberated the need for the services provided by them and how it would help to further enforce the municipal bylaws without the involvement of a municipal lawyer.

However, the main discussion revolved around the required impact on some bylaws that have been recently updated and to find more compliance and enforcement with these bylaws.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint shared in his report that “Rural Bylaw would be an asset to the municipality to have at its disposal.”

After much discussion, it was seen as a resourceful tool to ensure those legal fees are maintained to a minimum while still providing adequate enforcement of the municipal bylaws.

The conversation revolved around education and the use of the Rural Bylaw services as a tool for Coronation’s local bylaw officer would be better supported by experienced and knowledgeable individuals who regularly enforce bylaws.

“The challenge we face as a community is consistency,” he added.

“The use of a third-party service provides stable and consistent services. It supports our staff and ensures all bylaw infractions are repeatedly conducted in a professional and unbiased manner. 

With the primary object of compliance, it is helpful for staff and contractors to be aided in the proper knowledge of issuing municipal tags and provincial fines in case of an appeal and in the event of having to appear before the Queen’s bench to request permission to enforce the local laws.”

Council agreed to sign a one-year contract with Rural Bylaw.

Patio funding request

Coronation Supportive Living is looking for support to raise funds to rebuild their existing outdoor patio for their residents.

The current patio is dated and requires some repairs.

As a way to rebuild and build a new patio, they will be hosting an online auction from Nov. 27 to Dec. 4.

They are currently looking for donations and items to sell at the auction.

Council agreed to provide two three-night passes to the Coronation Dam as part of the auction items.

Red Deer River group membership

As per the request of council, administration has contacted the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group (RDMUG) in regards to membership of the municipality.

The current request is that the municipality provides payment for its membership to the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group as the membership is based on a per capita approach calculated on a 0.25 cents per capita basis.

As such, the total cost for the Town of Coronation membership into Red Deer River Municipal Users Group would be $235 for the year. 

However, since the municipality has not paid the 2021 request, it would need to pay for the 2021 year as a member.

Membership periods are from Jan. 1, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2021

Council agreed to pay the $235 for the 2021 year.


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