September was when I made my resolutions

I’ve always treated the beginning of the school year the way most people treated the January 1st New Year – September was when I made my resolutions.

At the start of every school year I would resolve that this was the year my note books would be neat. The topic sentences would be neatly written and underlined, the main points would be evenly lined up under it and my writing would be clear and uniform all through the book.  I think a week was about the longest I was ever able to stick to that.

There was always so much to learn, each textbook so full of new information, stopping to underline sentences or evenly space out the main points took too much time.  I was too impatient for that, I just wanted to get all that information into my notebook, and hopefully my brain, as fast as possible. This usually resulted in very messy notebooks. The bright side of that being that no one wanted to borrow my notebooks to catch up on any class they had missed.

Okay, maybe I was a bit of a nerd, but I enjoyed learning and I still do. I love the internet, being able to type a few words into a search engine and get pages of information links makes my day.  Unfortunately it can sometimes waste my day if I am not careful.

There are times when I am checking through links finding tons of information about a topic then one link will mention another connection to the topic and that leads to another link with other connections, so of course I have to check them all out. A few hours later I will realize that what I am reading has nothing at all to do with the topic that I had started out with and my whole afternoon is gone.

Last winter I discovered a website that offers a large variety of courses that are only six weeks in length. I tried an advanced writing course and really enjoyed it while also learning about something I like to do.  It was structured and time limited and I discovered that I learn a lot more when I stick to the topic and don’t get distracted by all those other links.

I plan on taking another course from them this winter; my only problem now is deciding which one. The site covers everything from bread making to investigating a murder.

Well, I already know how to make bread and the reason I take a course is to learn something new,  I hope I would never need to investigate a murder but you just never know.

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