Segregation in a different form

Dear Editor,

I’ve heard the talk coming out of the U.S. Government and the leftist media these days about the possibility that refusal to accept vaccination against the Sars Cov-2 coronavirus should necessarily translate into being refused to go to work at your job. 

I don’t think the people in charge in the U.S. even have a clue that the U.S. Constitution specifically lays out the right of everyone to have the freedom to work and earn a living in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. 

Could the Federal Government ever get past the Supreme Court to accomplish such an agenda? Never say never. 

It’s obvious the ‘radical dems’ have already succeeded in getting a lot of big corporate interests to adopt their “Woke” philosophy and socialist channeling. And private businesses are not so constrained by any such strict adherence to rules laid out in the Constitution. 

Beware. Such a merger of big government with big business is the first warning sign of ‘the onset of marxism’. 

The foisting of workplace mandates upon the working people could still lead to a sizable percentage of them being denied the right to work. 

Included in my concern here should also be the freedom to obtain an education. Attending University should at least be a possibility for anyone who’s grade standing merits it.

Folks, there’s good reason the Democrat emblem is a jackass. 

Punishing the unvaccinated by the act of excluding them, is still segregation. Something which is absolutely incompatible with democracy and will leave it’s scar on history. 

When the HIV virus first presented itself upon the world there were calls for gay men to be rounded up and banished like lepers to some desert island. That was not acceptable then. And there is no possible way for such a similar practice to be acceptable now.

The onset of this pandemic has threatened the very democracy and freedom that both of our countries have spilled a lot of blood to defend. 

Absolutely nothing, including this plague, can ever be permitted to cause us to allow government to suspend our freedoms. Nothing! Not even temporarily. 

Freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of movement must always be central to the conduct of democracy and a benevolent nation. 

In my opinion, we must never trust government or the media, or big tech to not become so accustomed to exercising authoritarian “control” that they would not make such actions permanently applicable on any issue.

I can only hope out loud that such obtuse thinking never gains traction here and that our fearless leader, Justin Trudeau, possesses the “cranial displacement” to recognize it.


Lee Hudson 


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