Seen any stray cows?

Diane Dammann
ECA Review Submitted

Have you seen any stray cows?  Dan and Grace Reister are missing some cows and calves.
The Library Board is once more organizing a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  Bake some cookies, package them up in one dozen lots and take them to the library on the morning of December 6 .  You get to take home the same number of cookies that you brought and a great variety too.  This is open to everybody.
If you would like to make a Christmas center piece with a group, call Tracy at the library.  If enough are interested there will be a course.  
There was a baby shower on Saturday afternoon at the Fun For All Center for Parker Nate Lindquist, son of Nathan and Linda.  
Diane Neufeld has moved back to Forestburg from Sussex, New Brunswick.  Ray is still working there and will commute back and forth.  Diane told me that they were in the grocery store in Sussex one day and heard someone call Ray’s name.  It was Amber Bullee who also lives in Sussex.

The Women’s Institute is having their Christmas party after the next meeting which will be December 5.  If you like you can bring items for the Women’s Shelter at Camrose or the Food Bank and it will get passed on.  I am putting this in the paper so all of you ladies can consider this your personal invitation to join the fun.  Party starts at one.
Let me know what you would like to do for the Community Christmas concert.  
Congratulations to Dean and Jenny Blumhagen of Calgary upon the birth of a daughter.  Everleigh Jade Blumhagen was born on September 15 and is their first child.  Grandparents are Don and Eileen Blumhagen of Galahad.  
The Flagstaff Food Bank got a donation of $204 from the cake draw at the November Market.
Doris Spady and Val Vincett were the winners of the cakes.
Darrell Thomas has hung up his business card on the notice board as Battle River Diesel.  He is a heavy duty mechanic.  Darrell is the son of Henry and Sue.
Pam Muise will open a garage sale at Marie Rand’s house on December 1 and also on Santa Daze.  There are lots and lots of Christmas decorations and other interesting items.
Frona Sparks, another natural healer, is going to be in our area for the next week or so.
It is the liturgical end of year on the Church calendar.  Next Sunday is the start of Advent and the Christmas season.  In the United Church at Alliance it will be a Holy Communion Sunday. The White Gift Sunday is the second Sunday in Advent which will be December 9.  There will be a letter coming with all of the events for the season listed.  

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