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Dear Editor,
I have a heart-warming story to tell you. We all need to read a nice story now and again and this story is guaranteed to make you smile.  It is the story of how the Fitness Centre came to be.
In April 2012, some community members approached the Coronation and District Wellness Society with a project proposal; a fitness centre for the town.  The Society took on the project and countless hours were spent by Candy Brown researching the viability of the project and how other small communities were making it happen.
By October, we still had very little in the way of funding.  I was reading the ECA Review, and saw an ad for a fitness equipment dispersal auction at Montgomery Auctions in Blackfalds.  I knew this was our chance to supply the new fitness centre with equipment but we didn’t have any money!  On October 10, out of desperation, I made the following post on Facebook, “$10 from 1000 people and we have a gym open for business a.s.a.p.”
I got the following reply, “$20 from 500 people since we live in a small town.”  By 8:19 that evening $340 was pledged for the project and by Friday $7,650 was collected from community members and local businesses.
At the auction, we were able to outfit the gym with 13 cardio and weight machines.   Daralee and David Dobovich had brought their horse trailer and it was full, with all the weight machines still to be loaded.  After hearing our dilemma, the auctioneer at Montgomery Auctions offered us his trailer at no cost.  We were able to get all the machines home in one trip.
Now we had the equipment but no location!  Ed Griffiths came to the rescue and offered us the front space of his building.  He made some renovations for us and has been very accommodating with rent and other perks!
Volunteers helped to load the equipment in.  Many people have offered their services or donated supplies and equipment.  More monetary donations have also been collected since the auction.
By December 1st we were open for business!  We have averaged 50 members every month.
That is a story of how a community can make the seemingly impossible, POSSIBLE!  It was an amazing experience for me.  Everyone I asked was very generous and willing to help; whether it was with money, or time, or advice.  The support from this community was overwhelming at times.
(Gym memberships are available at the Town Office and Short Stop Liquor Store.  $30/month or $300/year.  Any questions can be forwarded to
A Thankful Coronation Citizen,
Vickey Horkoff

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