Sedgewick’s Bethania Lutheran Church closes

Sedgewick’s Bethania Lutheran Church closes its doors with a Silent Auction and sale of items including furniture on Sat. June 4.

by Jamie Geddes
Sedgewick’s Bethania Lutheran Church (BLC) closed its doors for worship with a public silent auction and indoor sale on Saturday, June 4.

Bethania church officially began her humble rural beginnings August 11, 1911 with Pastor H. T. Egedahl’s leadership and guidance.

Egedahl’s efforts were supported by Pastors’ Halvorson and Moseby as they began organizing and structuring the early efforts of this church in 1906.

Many had gathered to worship God in various settlers’ homes finding the trek to the nearest church difficult so the formation of a separate congregation began with some coming from the Trinity congregation and they were joined by new settlers.

In 1911, after a series of events and the hard work of the founding efforts of Egedahl, Halvorson and Moseby, along with the dedicated parishioners, BLC became a reality.

After the rural church burnt down, the Lutheran Ladies Aid gave the congregants the current land and part of the building to begin anew in the Town of Sedgewick in 1975.

The building onsite was enhanced when the old Ferintosh church was brought in to join the existing building to create what is now the Bethania Lutheran Church.

Many people from throughout Flagstaff County showed up to bid on auction items and get some good deals on the sale tables.

Office equipment and furniture, kitchen wares, pews, sitting chairs, Sunday school tables, etc. were all for sale.

The proceeds will be divided with a good portion going to support a Lutheran Seminary in Saskatoon in dedication to past local Pastor Allen Severson to honour his service and the balance with be used to provide a new sign for the local cemetery.

Although the doors are now closed for worship, the local church will get a new lease on life and service as the BLC congregants and board have graciously donated the building to the Good as New Shop.

The Good as New Shop is operated by volunteers of the local community churches and sells much needed used clothing and household goods to those in need.

There are a few legal details to attend to in order to facilitate the donating of the building but there is confidence it will proceed in a timely fashion.

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