Sedgewick withdraws from regional governance initiative

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The Town of Sedgewick has withdrawn from the Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership’s (FIP) Regional Governance Sub-Committee, however, remains a member of FIP.
“Sedgewick council has questions and concerns regarding Single Tier Regional Governance being presented as a sole option, the speed with which the initiative is moving forward, and in context of our input not finding favour with the Sub-Committee,” said Perry Robinson, Mayor, Town of Sedgewick.
“When we first supported the Regional Governance Study there were to be more options on the table, with more time to discuss it.
“As it is, we feel that we should let the sub-committee work unobstructed by our questions and concerns and be given the chance to come up with the proposal in the established timeline.
“As Sedgewick remains a member of FIP, we will have our chance to hear that proposal at that time, with the opportunity to have our input then..”
“While Sedgewick’s decision is unfortunate and we will leave the door open for Sedgewick to consider a single tier regional governance solution that will be presented to the region for consideration, the remaining eight communities in the region will proceed with no less energy because of our belief that the time has come to consider a governance solution that best positions us to stabilize and grow population and create new opportunities for our communities,” said Bob Coutts, Deputy Mayor of Forestburg and FIP Chair.
“So many people in our region have an instinct that we need to do things differently in order for our communities to grow and prosper, and this is our best shot at moving forward more proactively.”
Bob noted that the Governance Initiative is a logical leveraging and expansion of 14 years of collaborative FIP work in the region that has recorded successes such as regional water and solid waste management, and that FIP isn’t about to put a halt to a current two-year process to look at governance options and present a ‘best’ option to region residents for consideration.
The Governance Sub-Committee’s current crafting of a single tier model of government is anticipated to be presented to the public for consideration and discussion in the late Spring.
“This model builds from a 2015 study that tested deeper region-based governance barriers and opportunities, including identification of a regional collaborative governance pathway.
Subsequent work initiated in May, 2016 completed each of an Infrastructure, and Community Sustainability Assessment of all communities in the region, a Resident Services Survey to better understand desired services and amenities, and research of successful examples of Region-Based Collaboration/Governance in Canada that led to region-resident engagement focused on proposed regional governance principles.
n Dec. 5, 2016 municipal representatives from each of the FIP member communities unanimously motioned to design a single region-based governance model for region residents to consider when complete.
FIP is comprised of representatives from all municipalities within the Flagstaff Region.

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