Sedgewick hockey arena re-opens

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The hockey arena at the Wild Rose Co-op Recreation Centre in Sedgewick was officially re-opened to the public after Town Council passed a resolution to do so at a special meeting held on Wed. Jan. 29, 2020.

The rink was suddenly closed on Mon. Dec. 9 when information was brought to council showing a large amount of corrosion on the structure’s purlins which run in a north-south direction in the facility.

After bringing in three engineers to look at the issue, council decided on a solution that commenced on Jan. 7 and took less than three weeks to complete.

Forty-two galvanized purlins have been added to the roof structure reducing the purlin spacing from 5 feet to 2.5 feet which also brings the snow load capacity up to current standards.

A permanent fix of replacing the roof which is at the end of its life cycle and adding sufficient ventilation are being planned for a future off-season.

Thickness reviews of the purlins that were not reinforced will be ongoing.  

With the facility resuming operations, the 6th Annual Bergie Tourney will proceed as scheduled beginning on February 1.


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