Sedgewick enters Hockeyville contest

Written by Terri Huxley

Sierra Freadrich stands with some creations using Kraft products ahead of the Kraft Hockeyville contest nominations closing. Sedgewick has put their hat in the ring with hopes of making it to the next round. ECA Review/Submitted

With plenty of support, the community of Sedgewick is putting their hat in the ring for a chance to win $250,000 and a National Hockey League game hosted at the local rink.

The deadline to make it to round two is just around the corner on Sun. Feb. 9.

Recent problems with the Sedgewick Recreation Centre have been corrected after a month-long wait to replace and reinforce some purlins that were no longer structurally sound.

Leader Kari Sanders explained that this isn’t the last the town will see of repairs.

“I thought ‘Well this is a perfect opportunity. We actually legit need some help’,” she said.

People from surrounding areas like Killam and Lougheed are encouraged to add their voice to the list in support of funding.

“Go click on and give us some support [like] sharing and liking the pictures and whatever because I mean that is how you build up your points,” said Saunders.

Each year, Kraft Hockeyville award a first place prize of $250,000 towards a new arena as well as a pre-season NHL game while a second place finish of $50,000 is given and a third place prize for $25,000.

The nomination and community rally period is from Jan. 1 to Feb. 9. Judging begins the next day until March. 13.

Top four contenders will be announced on March 14 with the winner to be announced after voting on March 28.

Points are accumulated through ‘rally actions’ on the Kraft Hockeyville website which includes likes, nomination stories, sharing, tweeting, adding photos and notes, all at various point ranges.

If Sedgewick were to win, Saunders believes it will be a great event and boost for the community as well as the ones surrounding the town of under 1,000 residents.

“That kind of thing is huge,” said Saunders. “Things like this come around and I feel like as a little town we maybe never have a chance so I think it would be a big deal. Everyone would be so excited.

“Things like this get people excited about their small town. It gives you a boost whereas a big centre you might think would have more luck at,” she said.

Check out this link to see Sedgewick’s Atom A hockey team speak on the topic in this quick clip: Kraft Hockeyville.

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