Second annual ‘spin-a-thon’ held

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The second annual ‘spin-a-thon’ to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes took place at Hughenden Public School (HPS) was held on Fri. Feb. 22.

Students and staff participants, on 19 teams, giving it their all for five minutes at a time.

CFB Wainwright loaned 12 stationary bikes for these teams to use. The point of the activity was to raise awareness and money for Juvenile Diabetes research.

The HPS Students’ Union and principal, Ryan Duffett arranged the event.

Every member of the Students’ Union worked very hard towards organizing the event.

“I contributed to the assembly of the spin-a-thon by making sponsor posters and supplying water”, said Grade 10 representative Tasia Goodwin.

Students were looking forward to the spin-a-thon for many reasons.

“I am participating in the spin-a-thon because I am eager to help raise money towards a cure for Juvenile Diabetes”, said Grade 10 student Jamie Van Hoek.

The Students’ Union had set a goal to raise $1500 and they exceeded that goal!

The final tally was well over $2,000.

Hughenden Public School Principal Ryan Duffett takes part in the 2019 spin-a-thon for Juvenile Diabetes research on Fri. Feb. 22, 2019.
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For two years now, HPS has joined the cause. HPS decided to dedicate this day to raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) because two years ago, a family of four and one other person were sadly taken from us too soon.

The family of four were Michelle, Tim, Niki and Shawn Carson who collided with Riley Spears; all five lost their lives that night.

Our friend Niki Carson suffered from Juvenile Diabetes and we all learned a lot from her.

There were door prizes for the participants consisting of socks, bath bombs and lotions.

Participating teams, each consisting of four or five people, had the choice of riding at three different times during the day.

They would then grab water and pick a bike for their team. Each team rode for an hour, dividing the time between their team members.

Grace Oxamitny was one of the participants in the annual spin-a-thon with her team of Lori Swanson, Brenna Swanson and Carrie Pederson.

Oxamitny said, “The spin-a-thon is a great way to raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes, and it’s a lot of fun for families and students to participate in.”


by Cheyanne Ford and Anneka Van Hoek

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