Season of Lent took on a new look

Rebecca Virgo and Leah Boxma prepping for their skit which they created for their Representative Democracy project in Social class on April 7. ECA Review/Submitted
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Students and staff enjoyed Spring Break from March 29 – April 5. Everyone returned to school on April 6 after a rejuvenating 10 days off!

Before the break, the Grade 5/6 and the 7-9 classes ran their annual in-class badminton tournaments. 

Students were partnered up and played through a bracket tournament over a few gym classes. 

The 5/6 saw lots of great competition and awesome rallies with Phoenix Johnson and his partner taking home first place and the class banner. 

Thayer Bunbury and Summer Schulmeister took home the class banner for the junior highs.

Special time

On the Friday before Spring Break, March 26, Grade 8 and 9 students lead the whole school through an online video presentation. The season of Lent is always a special time around Theresetta School as we lead up to Easter weekend. 

The students normally get to celebrate this special time of year with a Seder Meal where we all gather together to break bread and retell the story of the Israelites and their flight from Egypt. 

This year may have looked different, but it was still so nice to hear a presentation from the junior high students to remind us of the story, the history, and why we celebrate the season of Lent.

This is also the time of year when we normally have Lenten fundraisers happening throughout the school as a form of almsgiving and this year was no different! 

Throughout March, students brought in boxes of food to donate to the local food bank. On Fri. March 26, to celebrate all their efforts, each class created a class section of a long domino track. 

As it happened to be his fourteenth birthday, Drew Bagshaw got the honours of knocking down the first domino. 

Wrapping up unit studies

The junior high Foods CTS class has finished their Baking Basics unit recently. Throughout the unit, students learned how to bake chocolate chip cookies, monster cookies, chocolate cake, gingersnaps and chocolate chip squares. 

The class is now moving on to their Main Meals Unit and are looking forward to some scrumptious recipes.

In science news, the Grade 9 science class recently wrapped up their Electrical Principles and Technology Unit and are highly motivated to finish their next unit on Space Exploration as the final project will be to make a model rocket. 

The Grade 5/6 science class is finishing their Classroom Chemistry Unit this week and enjoyed the many experiments they got to run or observe including exploring some interesting chemical reactions, learning about acids and bases on the pH scale, and multiple ways to separate a wide variety of mixtures.

The Grade 5/6 Social Studies class ended their study of the Representative Democracy unit with a large final project where groups picked a different association/government to research from within Canada. 

Students studied the process and structure of such groups as: Castor Town Council, The Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations, the Provincial Government of Alberta, Student Councils, Edmonton City Council, and the Federal Government of Canada. 

As part of the project, and tied in with Language Arts, students wrote emails to representatives from their chosen associations asking them questions about; how, as representatives, they stay accountable to those who elected them, how the association supports all of its members, the decision making process the association follows, and the goals of the association. 

Students were excited to actually hear back from almost all of the representatives they contacted. 

Emails came back from familiar names like Premier Jason Kenney, MLA Nate Horner, MP Damien Kurek, Mayor Richard Elhard, and Deputy Mayor Tony Nichols.

Rebecca Virgo and Leah Boxma prepping for their skit which they created for their Representative Democracy project in Social class on April 7. ECA Review/Submitted

Groups used the responses they received to then teach their peers how each of their chosen associations use representative democracy to make decisions.

The Grade 3/4 class returned from Spring Break to the welcome surprise of new Chromebooks for their classroom! 

The class has been using the same set of Chromebooks for many years and as part of the School Division’s pursuit to be continuously updating older technology throughout the division, the class were more than happy to receive a newer set! 

Grade 9 students Grace Roland and Nola Fuller recently led a presentation entitled The Road to Emmaus for their peers in Grade 7-9 Religion class. At Theresetta, students take on leadership roles with a focus on spiritual themes throughout the year. 

In this case, the two students shared the biblical story where two men are walking and are joined by Jesus. In the presentation, Grace and Nola shared this story through a slideshow, an accompanying video, and a prayer reflection.


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