Science or propaganda?

About three weeks ago my son Michael sent me a scientific document that was 22 pages in length written by Sacha Dobler explaining the detailed causes of climate change.

Now there is no way that I can condense a document of that length into a column of 650 words. But I did get the message out of that paper that the current proponents of climate change are so far out to lunch on the propaganda they are promoting that it defies reason.

Nowhere in that paper did it make any reference to C02 emissions as a cause of climate change. Well. actually in one place it did say that water vapour [that is a gas not water condensation] has 10 times the power of C02 as a greenhouse gas.

Climate is affected by cosmic rays and solar flares.

This scientist seems to maintain that at the present time we may be entering a period of very low solar activity known as a Grand Solar Minimum or much less sunspot activity. This means that we are in a cooling trend.

When I read through that paper it became very clear that the current propaganda that we are being exposed to actually has it all backwards.

Mr. Dobler has clearly stated that the climate has been cooling since the year 2000.

In a Grand Solar Minimum, more cosmic rays enter earth’s atmosphere. Here, these high-velocity particles, mostly protons, collide with atmospheric atoms and dissociate in a cascading mode into smaller subatomic particles.

These particles act as cloud nuclei by ionization and propagate low cloud formation.

Some particles may reach the earth’s surface and even penetrate it. In this way, more cosmic rays accelerate storm formation, erratic rainfall, snowstorms, hail and local flooding. And in the long run, global cooling.

He goes on to write Grande Solar Minima, the cooler phases, are historically prone to drought and, due to jet stream disturbances, also singular heat waves and wild fires increase.

So it is cooling not warming that is the cause of extreme weather events.

On the December 1st broadcast of CTV’s Question Period, a panel that included Elizabeth May were discussing what was expected in the Government’s Throne speech.

She said that a high priority had to be climate change policy.

Of course, what she meant was policy to reach the Paris Accord targets.

This woman says that what she is promoting is climate science.

Well, that is pure fiction.

She has stated that 11,000 scientists agree that C02 emissions have to be drastically reduced to avoid a 1.5 degree Celsius increase in global temperature by the end of the century.

She maintains this has to happen in the next decade or the harm will be irreversible.

Well, science is not about large majorities but about evidence and current evidence indicates the opposite.

It would be interesting to see where Elizabeth May and the rest of those climate change zealots are getting what they claim is scientific information.

They obviously are not reading the real climate science that scientists like Sacha Dobler are publishing, or if they are, then these people, and that includes the media, have deliberately lied and misled the public to achieve an agenda that has nothing to do with climate change.

I do believe that if this foolishness continues for another decade we may have an irreversible disaster, and I am not talking about climate damage.

I am referring to a financial disaster that could see the world go bankrupt.

Countries around the world are incurring huge deficits and debts. Much of this debt is due to climate change policy.

When governments subsidize green energy technology that cannot compete with traditional forms of energy, they are consuming wealth to line the pockets of those green energy developers that are exploiting hard working taxpayers instead of allowing the capitalist system to work and produce wealth.


by Herman Schwenk

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