Schulmeister the new reeve for County of Paintearth

Stan Schulmeister of Castor, Ab. is Paintearth County’s new reeve following a vote between Schulmeister and George Glazier at the organizational meeting on Oct. 24.
Doreen Blumhagen was elected Deputy Reeve over Diane Elliott.
Elections were also held for committees. Agricultural Service Board chairman is Maurice Wiart and Schulmeister was elected over Tyrrill Hewitt for vice chair.
All councillors will sit on the audit, budget review, capital projects, legislative review, municipal, policy review and transportation committees.
Council moved to maintain council remuneration at last year’s rates which include $220 per day/$110 half day meeting and convention rates and $.50 per kilometre mileage.
The reeve allowance will be $800/month, Deputy reeve $600/month and the councillor allowance is $400/month.
The remuneration also addresses meal costs, parking costs and $10 per night for incidentals while away from home.
Meetings are scheduled for first and third Tuesdays of every month, with the meetings being held on Wednesday following a holiday Monday.

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