School taking grad to lawns and farms

Three Hills Prairie Christian Academy Grade 12 graduate Annika Notter with Principal Darryl Hern for a special grad presentation. COVID-19 restrictions prohibited the annual grad banquet so the school brought congratulations, a lawn photo, and cap and tassel to homes June 26.
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When COVID-19 mandates school shutdowns, the next best thing to a Three Hills grade 12 grad ceremony is the school coming to the front door.

A 10-vehicle balloon-decorated caravan of 18 Prairie Christian Academy staff and faculty in Three Hills toured the town and nearby farms on Fri. June 26 to give what Principal Darryl Hern describes as a special tribute to the 2020 graduates.

“It was a cacophony of noise,” said Hern, “with car and truck horns going full blast. We brought grad lawn photo signs, along with cap, gown and tassel. It was a great way to honour our grads as best we could, given the COVID-19 situation.”

The three-hour event involved 18 staff and teachers making 25 different stops.

Three families that lived too far for the tour made arrangements to have their student at a family or friend’s home in Three Hills.

Parents were contacted two weeks before and asked to have their grads home during the time of the tour.

“We didn’t give any information to parents,” said Hern, “because we wanted to surprise them and their grads.”

Resident students had previously been recognized at the home of Floyd Cotton, a PCA residential dean.

The day previous to the horn-blowing tour would have been PCA’s grad banquet.

“We knew it was disappointing not to have the grad banquet,” said Herb, “even though we are planning grad events in the fall if allowed. We wanted to make the day special for grads and parents and this was a fun way to honour them.”

At each stop, Associate Principal Denise Lockhart placed a lawn sign. Photos of the grad with Principal Hern were taken while family members, staff and teachers cheered and applauded.


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