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The Prairie Land Regional Division (PRLD) Board passed a motion to approve the 2018 to 2021 Three-year Capital Plan and concurrently the most pressing structural needs throughout the division within their facilities.

The Morrin School rebuild is a top priority as a result of the identified structural issues that presents itself.

Altario School building envelope and mechanical upgrade has been recognized as the second priority as a result of stucco cracks and failing seals.

The Youngstown School building envelope upgrade and the J.C. Charyk Hanna School roofing replacement which originally was not included in the recent school modernization project has now been included. Altario School of Agriculture Principal Kevin VanLagen, Vice Principal Jamie Roworth and community member Jinel Ference presented on the Altario School of Agriculture.

Altario School’s traditional identity is embedded in its rich culture, academic excellence, and spirited athletics.

A cornerstone of the Altario School that is embedded in all things successful at Altario School is its agricultural community.

Over the past months, Altario School has been systematically and purposefully incorporating a love for its local agriculture into the identity of the school.

The goal is to encourage a wide variety of agricultural careers in graduating students, to create an appreciation for Altario’s historical success and to build a future for Altario School that symbolizes the importance of agriculture to Altario, Alberta, and Canada.

The Board approved a motion for the request of $36,000 for the purchase of a barn that is a crucial resource and support of the School of Agriculture.

International student program

A committee of the Board consisting of Shauna Davies, Lindsay Bond and Marsha Tkach was created to investigate the recruitment of International students into PLRD.

The Board passed a motion to approve $25,000 for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year for the development of the program itself.



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