School exhibit at Coronation Fair




Lesley Robinson and her children,  Rayna, Callan and Kya check out the entries in the school exhibits at the Coronation Fair, Wed. Aug. 19.





The outstanding entries in the School Section were: Grades 1-3 – Brady Selzler; Grades 4-6 – Karly Ramsay and Abby Schetzsle; and Grades 7-9 – Robby Gilbertson.
Handwriting awards went to: Grades 1-2 – 3-way tie, Graham Goodbrand, Caleb Kobi and Sandy Chad; and Grades 3-5 – Katelyn Thomas.
Original Fiction awarded to Graham Goodbrand and Rusty Goodbrand; Poetry –  Hailey Dame and Isaac Belanger; Essays – Micaiah Webber, Graham Goodbrand, Sydney Richardson and Hayden Schetzsle.
Reports: Cypress Bruneau, Graham Goodbrand, Caleb Kobi, Jordan Glasier, Caleb Webber, Rusty Goodbrand, Adam Golby, Bradley Goodbrand, Carla Burge, Cauy Schmidt and Sarah Tkach.
Book Reports: Cody Cooper, Brad Goodbrand and Yvonne Black.
Animal pictures: Elliott Beeching, Breya Cook, Braxton Bussing, Kayla MacGougan, and Ellora, Haley and Abby all from the Veteran School.
Kain Horn took the prize for landscape, Teegan Selzler for action picture, Cole Kubinchak for Machines in school art.
Jordan Glasier took first in Stitchery.
First place winners for notebooks were Laura Goodbrand, Graham Goodbrand, Sydney Richardson, Bella Holmes and Dyane K.

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