Scapegoating small town councils

Dear Editor,

In regards to the article in the ECA Review titled Land recognition pushback, front page, Aug. 22, 2019, Land Treaty acknowledgement is a Federal Crown construct, best resolved in the House of Parliament.

Scapegoating small town councils in rural Alberta for on-going injustice collecting from past Federal choices is in itself, racist and harmful.

We are all aboriginal peoples on this one blue planet. The continued ever present strife to conquer, explore, create homelands and be on the receiving end of a different peoples is commonplace to this planet.

To expect to not be colonized is fantasy.

Most people look to the future with hopes and plans, rather than to compartmentalize emotional past injustices.

I’ll suggest that rather than fight over what is stood upon, look up and be grateful that we all share and breath the same air.

Maybe a different point of view needs a reboot: Europeans were themselves colonized many many times.

Not much reconciliation in those dark ages when on a receiving end of a sharp sword.

To those who survived being colonized after brutal wars and adversity, looked towards tomorrow and then made the best of here and now.


D. Paterson

Kinsella, Alta.

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