Scam Advisory for Hanna businesses

One of the recent scams to come up in the area recently is a credit card scam targeting businesses.

The scammer will contact a business, usually through email, requesting services specific to the business they are targeting.

The scammer will provide stolen credit card information to pay for the services but they will insist on giving more money than the agreed-upon price.

The business, if they agree to take the extra money, is then instructed to send the extra money to a third party towing company or shipping company.

Neither company actually exists and the transaction is merely to convert the stolen credit card into cash.

Although the scam has come up in this area recently no one has fallen for it.

More information about scams can be found at the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre

And don’t forget to report all suspicious activity to the RCMP as it is happening.  Provide as much detail as you safely can.



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