Saving icing for last

Dear Editor,

Thank you for another thoughtful editorial titled, ‘Opportunity for change’, Apr. 23 edition of the ECA Review, It is one more editorial I can add to my file of excellent editorials that you have done that would be welcome at any newspaper in the country.

I was distressed to read of the financial hardship that ECA Review is facing and I want to subscribe and maybe help in my own small way to see that we continue getting the paper.  

I wait for it every week, and, like eating a cake with really good icing, I read the editorial last, so I am left with a really good taste in my mouth.

I read the obituaries, in part to make sure I’m not listed, and I like to read about lives well-lived who have been part of our community. I read community news and advertising for bull sales even though I don’t know much about bulls.

And speaking of bull, I even skim read PrairieView although I don’t agree with one thing Mr. Schwenk writes.

His articles are predictable: anti-Trudeau, anti-Liberal, anti-NDP, anti-motley, anti-carbon tax, pro landowners rights, pro Wildrose, Pro Kenny, climate change denier, and not well researched, but I respect his right to express his opinions. Mr. Schwenk never lets facts get in the way of a strong opinion.

I do need to respond to a letter to the editor by Gordon Snell of Three Hills, also in the April 23 paper.

While his anti-Trudeau stand is predictable in rural Alberta, his view associated with the Chief Medical Officer is not.

It sounds much like the views that might be held by Derek Fildebrandt or Allan Hunsberger.

It was Mr. Hunsberger who single-handedly snatched defeat from the jaws fo the victory by the Wildrose Part with his homophobic views.

Nwe we have Mr. Derek Sloan (a “Conservative without apology”, a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative party.

His racist and misogynistic attitude was too much for many Ontario Conservatives and they want to boot him from the party.

Funny, I didn’t hear a peep from Alberta Conservatives.

In closing, I think it is worth noting that the most respected politician in the country right now is a female, a Liberal, and an Albertan.


Darrell Trenholm

Stettler, Alta.

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