Satan’s apertif, spies and a half million dollars !

Troubles, troubles and more troubles for Sister Philamena and Sister Augusta as they have been secretly making wine and selling it to the villagers in an effort to keep the convent’s doors open. It’s the 36th Castor Little Theatre production called ‘Drinking Habits’. ECA Review/J.Webster



Spies, aggressive reporters, ‘satan’s apertif,’ a half-million dollars, and you know what—a sneak preview of the 36th annual live theatre by Castor Little Theatre (CLT) proved to be very entertaining.
Two nuns at the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing convent have been secretly making wine and selling it to the villagers to keep the convent’s doors open. “Secretly” being the operative word.
But, an eager reporter, Sally Andrews, and her not-so-eager partner, Paul Billings, show up to sniff out the story, and in the process, find themselves disguised as members of the clergy.
With the arrival of two new nuns, a new priest, and a Cardinal (huh?), Mother Superior and Father Chenille are thrown for a loop, worried these unexpected guests are “spies” sent from Rome to shut them down.
Confusion ensues! Who are all these people, and what are they doing at the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing?
Add Sister Mary Catherine, a young nun who keeps hearing voices, and George, an innocent groundskeeper who gets caught in the net of deception, and you’ve got yourself a funny, action-packed show.
Yikes! No more hints! Come out and see for yourself!
The cast includes a few CLT-standbys: Johann Freerksen, Rhonda Steinwand, Laurie Werney, Nikki Wiart, Sara Loonen and Steve Madge. And of course, a couple first-timers: Marilyn Weber and Shannon Blumhagen.
Shannon’s comfort on the stage shows his experience with Forestburg community theatre, and you wouldn’t know that stage-shy Steve is stepping far out of his comfort zone for the second time in two years.
Lighten up a dreary winter’s evening with this laugh-out-loud farce. And if you take in a dinner theatre, the food is surpassed by none.
Tickets for ‘Drinking Habits’ are still available for Teen Night and the General Performance, as well as four Dinner Theatres and two Sunday Brunches.
Call Don Sisson 403-323-0359
Castor Little Theatre’s 36-year history began in 1983 in the old Castor Community Hall for the purpose of raising funds to assist in paying for a new hall.

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