Santa’s visits warmed heart

Dear Editor,

I would like to call attention to one of Stettler’s own to whom I owe a large debt of gratitude for kindness rendered.

I am fairly recently widowed and there are no words to relay how much I miss my beloved husband. I raised an extremely large family and being alone does not rest easy with me.

The evening of the Stettler tree lighting celebration my phone rang and Jim Long’s voice instructed me, “Pat, open your front door.” 

Following orders I found Jim and his brightly lit white carriage and black team pulling to the curb…and he was not alone!

Santa sat waving in the carriage!

After a cheery conversation from my deck with the epitome of Christmas parked at the curb, Jim and Santa carried on down the street to continue their festive evening and I felt wrapped in the Christmas spirit.

Thank you, Jim and Santa for going out of your way to warm an old lady’s heart!


Pat Nelson

Stettler, Alta.

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