Santa makes an early visit to Big Valley

About 128 children plus their parents and grandparents gathered at the Big Valley Community Hall on Sun., Dec. 10 for a whole lot of fun.
One of Big Valley’s favourite pre-Christmas traditions, Big Valley’s annual Children’s Christmas Party brings the community together for a free lunch, entertainment and an early visit from Santa Claus.
According to volunteer Brenda Woods, this year the ‘Santa Party’ was bigger than ever, and volunteers were kept busy shopping for gifts right to the last minute.
With the hall crammed with tables, lunch had to be moved into the annex.
After lunch, children were entertained by Big Valley’s perennial favourite performer, Rosco the Clown, whose comical act features balloons, sleight of hand tricks and live animals.
Employing volunteers from the audience, Rosco earned giggles from children and adults alike as he conjured up a dove, a chinchilla and a rabbit before rewarding his young helpers with balloon creations.
Santa arrived at 1 p.m., weaving his way through the crowded room to take his special seat at the front of the hall.
Children gathered around, eagerly waiting for their turn to sit on Santa’s knee and whisper wishes in his ear before receiving the early Christmas present Santa brought just for them.
While no one could quite pinpoint its beginnings, volunteers estimate the Children’s Christmas Party has been a yearly event in Big Valley for at least 25 years.
The Christmas Party is fully supported by volunteers and community donors, who raise enough money each year to provide the food, treats, entertainment and children’s gifts for the party.


Charleigh Clamp-Johnson was one of the volunteers from the crowd at Big Valley to help Rosco the Clown perform tricks at the Big Valley annual Children’s Christmas Party on Sun. Dec. 10.




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