Same old Gong Show!

Dear Editor,

What nonsense will the federal election be fought on? 

Probably climate change and the deficit and a few other things that don’t matter when there are so many other important things to consider, like homelessness, and poverty, health care, education and a guaranteed minimum wage, just to mention a few. 

And, of course, the division between the East and the West will take up a lot of nonsense. 

The pipelines and the coal mines will also take up quite a bit of hot air too, and in the long run it won’t likely matter who wins the election because it will probably be the same old, same old! 

We know it will likely be the same old Gong Show. Maybe a few new twists and turns, and of course, we’ll have at least a month of pretty boring TV. 

I wonder why anybody would call an election in the fourth wave of a pandemic and in the midst of the wildfires and the mess in Afghanistan. 

Maybe Trudeau wants to lose the election, then he can sit back and enjoy his big pension and leave the mess he’s gotten the country into to somebody else to sort out.

On another thought, has God got your attention yet? Pandemics, floods, droughts, hail, wind, fires, heatwaves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

Well, if He hasn’t got your attention yet, I imagine he’s got a few more attention getters in his arsenal. 

Now who do you suppose is going to win out in controlling the weather? Do you think Trudeau and his Climate Changers can do it with their Carbon Tax? 

I’m going to put my money on The Omnipotent power. I’m pretty sure He won’t leave it up to Trudeau. 

God has a plan and I’m sure he’s going to see it through. Scared times are probably ahead of us.


Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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