Sad day on passing of Morrin Councillor, Al Bremer

“Monday, April 10 was a sad day when I received the phone call that Al [Bremer] had passed away,” said Mayor Suzanne Lacher at the regular monthly meeting of the Morrin council on Wed. April 19.
Lacher added, “He was a very loyal man and always wanted what was best for the village,.”
According to the obituary, Aldred (Al) Bremer (83) grew up near Rowley, spent time in the Royal Canadian Air Force until moving back to Morrin in 1958.
The ECA Review was not provided with information on how many accumulated years Bremer served on council, as requested.
Council motioned to purchase a gift for Bremer’s wife, Eleanor and a retirement momento for retiring Starland County Chief Administrative Officer, Ross Rawlusyk. The motion was for $250 total.
Mayor  Lacher reported on two dogs jumping on children in the school playground again, but CAO Annette Plachner said the two dogs picked up by Out in the Cold were still confined. Invoice paid to Out in the Cold was $325 for unspecified work.
Council motioned to give the public works foreman a $400 budget for purchasing coveralls. A request for the public works report that is public was ignored.

New business
Council discussed a letter received from resident, Howard Helton regarding several issues including the issue of recreational vehicles parked so that they overhang the sidewalk.
Council will send a letter to the offender to reiterate the wording of the parking by-law which states the all recreational vehicles must be parked four meters from the curb.
“I guess we should take this [parking by-law] home and read it,” said Mayor Lacher.
“We’ll have to rewrite it so it’s a little clearer.”
In Helton’s letter, ‘in response to the accusation that I alleged that certain contracts were awarded incorrectly’, Helton provided detailed information from minutes.
“Doesn’t matter, the work’s done,” said Lacher.
Helton also addressed the use of town staff and equipment for personal use by council in an affidavit, stating the the foreman had cleared snow on the village sidewalk in front of CAO Plachner’s residence and use of the backhoe and operator to remove private waste from the yard of Coun. MacLeod.
“ I phoned Alberta Justice and it [affidavit] is a copy with inability to read the commissioner’s signature and expiry date.
“Alberta Justice said throw it out,”  said CAO Plachner.
Are we done with him [Helton]?” asked CAO Plachner.
“Years ago,” responded Coun. MacLeod.

Quote for light fixtures
Peevey Electric provided a quote for new light fixtures in the council chambers but a decision was made to get a quote on replacing the lights with LED lights instead.  Mayor Lacher also suggested including the lights in the library in the quote as well.
A spring cleanup and flushing of the sewer lines were discussed for June.
Mayor Lacher and Coun. MacLeod raised no concerns.
In Council Reports, Mayor Lacher reported on the meeting of the Sunshine Lodge. Coun. MacLeod had no reports.
Council approved the accounts payable for $87,196.06, however six items were blacked out in the copy provided to the public.Staff wages, according to the Muncipal Affairs Act, are not be be disclosed which would apply to at least two of the items blacked out. The CAO’s income is not confidential and was not blacked out but when asked about the other blacked out items, no response was received.
Council removed the public from the council chambers for an in-camera session listed as legal on the agenda for one hour and 15 minutes and adjourned the meeting once the in-camera was over.
When the ECA Review newspaper reporter asked clarification following the adjournment, she was not acknowledged.
At her persistence, the CAO responded, that the “ECA Review was not their newspaper, the Drumheller Mail was, and Darcy [Graham] does their reporting”.
She added, “No you’re not [our newspaper], you’re nothing to us, nothing!”
No clarification of agenda items was forthcoming, prior to press time, to direct questions and an email sent to the CAO the following day.

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