RV units not allowed on motel lot in Clive

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A motel in Clive can’t allow people to live in RV units on its lot any longer.
At its regular meeting Sept. 26, council passed a motion directing administration to inform the motel owners that RV’s are an inappropriate use on their lot and not permitted.
“We will request their compliance,” said Clive Chief Administrative Officer Carla Kenney. She added that the subdivision and appeal board doesn’t approve of storage of RVs on commercial lots.
In August, Coun. Bev Krochak told village council that the motel was allowing people to live in trailers on its lots and there were complaints from some Clive residents.

Memorial bench
Clive council approved a memorial bench at the cemetery grounds.
The village doesn’t have a policy for memorials and looks at requests on an ad hoc basis, said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney.
Increase in regional library fees

Clive council voted in favour of Parkland Regional Library’s (PRL) proposed 2017 budget, which indicates a two per cent increase.
The cost represents about $8.04 per capital for Clive for a total of $5,427, said CAO Kenney.
According to PRL, they are the second lowest funded library system of the seven systems in the province.

Updating Land Use Bylaw
Village of Clive is updating its Land Use Bylaw (LUB).
“We’re looking at our commercial and industrial districts,” said CAO Kenney.
The village is considering whether to make changes that would allow businesses such as funeral homes, bulk fuel sales and crematoriums, or whether to keep the LUB generic and allows more of a broad range. CAO Kenney said keeping the LUB bylaw generic allows more of a broad range of business opportunities.
“It’s a balancing act.”

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