Rusty old farmer with concerns

Dear Editor,

World leaders flying on their private jets, driving large SUV’s, living a lavish life while deciding on climate change makes me question if they were really concerned they would have had Zoom meetings!

Why did 30 people from Canada go to the COP meetings in Glasgow in jets and complain about the climate when they are part of the problem?

What’s the cost to the Canadian taxpayer?

Where are the funds from the carbon tax going?  Is it going towards the betterment of the environment?

Canada emissions are at  1.6 per cent and someone coming from another country to put a scare to our young people is not right. Go to the countries that have a larger problem.

People concerned about cattle causing a problem with air quality, etc., I would sooner be locked in a barn with 10 cows breathing and dieting food than be locked in a garage with one car running.

Climate is always changing. The 1930’s were hot and dry; 1961 and 1988 were hotter were hotter than May to August than this year (2021).  When people are protesting they seem to have the law on their side. 

The UN predicted on June 29, 1989 disaster if global warming was not checked. In 2000 the UN said nations could be wiped off the face of the earth with rising sea levels due to global warming.

On another subject, what advantage do people get by burning churches, tearing down statues, stealing firefighter plaques. 

These were honouring people for doing good for our community and country, so what are these people who are doing the destruction going to do better for our country?

With all the different happenings, thank God we are still here and have a good Canada.

Sometimes we cannot feed the poor because we cannot satisfy the rich.


Old Dusty Rusty Farmer

Phil Dietz

Castor, Alta.

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