Rusty dusty old farmer concerned

Dear Editor,

Two quotes from a 1946 Country Guide magazine I found interesting.

They are: “Soil erosion will ruin the fertility of the  soil and when that goes the farmer’s capital is gone and the nation has lost a part of its most valuable asset.”

Today farmers are continuing cropping and there is very little erosion.

The second is: “As the expansion of Chinese industry gains momentum, China will require more Canadian Nickel. Canadian Nickel will go to China, Chinese silk will come to Canada, and each product will help pay for each other.”

Today Canada is importing many items from China, about 90 per cent of Wal-Mart dry goods comes from China.

Former Governor General Julie Payette served a short time, and was fired, now receives $150,000 per year plus is entitled to claim $206,000 per year to cover expenses.

Men and women who served in the armed forces are only able to get a percentage of their pay on retirement. 

Which is right?

Canadian Members of Parliament receive about $500 per day salary and the Prime Minister receives about $1000 per day plus office expenses, etc.

If they sit in Parliament only half a year, should their salary be cut in half?

Ottawa has earmarked $40 billion for First Nations child welfare. When and how are Canadians going to know how much money each person gets and what did the use it for?  Was it for education, or?

How much money is one billion dollars? If someone paid you $10,000 per day for 274 years you would have one billion dollars (not including investments).

In Canada it took approximately two months and $600 million in a pandemic to replace a deceitful and corrupt government with a deceitful and corrupt government!

I don’t understand how a country has money to make bombers and fly their leadership on jets and cannot help the homeless and the medical field.

The gas coming out of our cows is not near as dangerous as the bull coming out of our politicians.

As I complete this letter Jan. 2, 2022 we have experienced a difficult year 2021.  Many people had to adjust to things they never have with finances, safety and health.

We have had personal challenges but still much to be grateful for.

A huge thank you to doctors, nurses, law enforcement and front line workers. These people have always handled the usual major problems but now also the COVID-19 challenges.

Let’s hope the leadership of governments and health departments have gained some positive insights with lessons learned and we the people accept the health and safety recommendations.

Let’s hope 2022 brings peace, health and safety.

To make a difference in someones life you do not have to be rich, beautiful, brilliant or perfect, you just need to care.


Rusty Dusty Old Farmer concerned,

Phil Dietz

Castor, Alta.

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